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Meet Herbert , Scoobies' Recruiting Assistant.
Herbert can help you search for a job and answer questions along the way. Once you’ve found a position, Olivia will walk you through the application process too! It takes just a few minutes and if qualified, some restaurants can also schedule your interview at the same time.
People Promise
Our People Promise sets out what crew and managers value the most about working with Scoobies, the opportunity to earn and learn with access to education, experience and skills development suiting their needs, choice through flexible hours that suit them best, and with locations in communities across Canada, we can provide a job close to home. We empower company-owned or independently franchised restaurant employees to bring their authentic selves to work by fostering a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment, welcoming people of every age, background, and culture—just like the guests who visit our restaurants every day.
Benefits, Rewards and Recognition
Crew and restaurant managers are eligible for a wide range of benefits and awards. We offer competitive starting rates plus regular wage and performance reviews to promote skills growth and earning power. Independent franchisees offer a flexible, adapted, and relevant Employee Value Proposition in each of the communities they operate, offering benefits and perks ranging from free uniforms, employee discounts, scholarships, incentives, and more.

We also recognize and reward hard work, dedication, motivation, and results. Appreciation comes in many forms - from a simple thank you for a job well done, to programs such as the Employee of the Month or the Exceptional Service Award, which recognizes the top 1% of Scoobies Restaurant Managers for their passion for excellence.
At Scoobies, we know that you have responsibilities and interests outside of work. We recognize the importance of work/life balance. That’s why we offer flexible schedules to help you choose hours that best fit your life. Maybe you need an overnight job based on your lifestyle preferences or a part-time job that will fit around your studies.
Learning &
At Scoobies, learning and development are an important part of your work experience and start as soon as you join the team. Crew trainers, managers and other employees will work with you to show you the ropes, and training continues as you advance through the Scoobies system. We work hard to promote a positive learning and coaching environment to help you develop to your full potential.
Roadway to Opportunity
Scoobies and independent franchisees are committed to helping their respective employees further their education and achieve their dreams. To help our managers who work at a company-owned or independently franchised restaurant, we created Roadway to Opportunity, a comprehensive education strategy that provides people with an opportunity to grow and learn – no matter where they are on their journey. We partner with local schools and colleges for co-op opportunities at our restaurants. Our approach is to coach and provide hands on experience to students in the hospitality industry.